Zookeeper Tools

A Python collection of higher-level API’s built on top of Apache Zookeeper, a distributed, highly reliable coordination service with no single point of failure.


  • Locks - Support for non-blocking acquire, shared read/write locks, and modeled on Python’s Lock objects that also includes Revocable Shared Locks with Freaking Laser Beams as described in the Zookeeper Recipes.
  • Nodes - Objects to track values in Zookeeper Nodes (zNodes) automatically.


zktools can be installed via easy_install or pip:

$ easy_install zktools

You will also need the Python zookeeper C binding installed. There’s an easy to install staticly compiled version:

$ easy_install zc-zookeeper-static

Or if your OS distribution includes a python-zookeeper package, that can be installed.

Reference Material

Reference material includes documentation for every zktools API.

Source Code

All source code is available on github under zktools.

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zktools is offered under the MPL license.


zktools is made available by the Mozilla Foundation.

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